Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Observations 7...Hoodie Style

From now on I've decided to go with a horizontal format for your viewing pleasure!

Observations 6

 This time around our protagonist has been CURSED...deliciously! True story!!

Observations 4 + 5

Hey there! Here's another (and long overdue) edition of my web comic 'Observations'. This time we find our hero in a hair raising situation if you know what I mean! Hahahahaaaaaook I'll stop...

Yunno, since I'm in such a jolly mood, here's another I had in my closet for a minute. I posted it earlier in the year but wasn't digging the dialogue. Feel free to add your own!

Observations 3...on ICE!

Observations 2

Vol.2 of my 'Observations' series. Now %85 cleaner looking!

Observations # 1

(Editors Note: As you can tell this edition is from way back in the vault. Where I didn't even have a title for my fledgling strip yet. And *GASP* color existed in the Observations universe!)

A random observation while I was out of town...wrapped in a swanky comic strip!!

Did this really-really quick, 4 hrs total work time (that's pretty quick for a turtle like me). This is all in hopes of being faster mentally. Not to get hung up over little details. Feeling more confident behind each brush stroke without worrying about the consequences.